Membership Categories

Membership Opportunities

Meadowbrook Country Club is a private, member owned country club. All new memberships require sponsorships from two existing members and are subject to approval.

The following basic membership categories are available:

  • golf-members2-smallFamily Golf Membership
  • Single Golf Membership
  • Family Golf Membership (under age 40)
  • Single Golf Membership (under age 40)
  • Student Golf Membership -Adults under 30 may qualify for Student Golf if enrolled in a full-time program at a university
  • Social Membership
  • Clubhouse Membership
  • Corporate Membership – mix and match within all current categories

For complete membership details and more information on actual initiation fees and monthly dues, please contact our Membership Coordinator:


Cathy Witherspoon
3700 Cogbill Road
Richmond, VA 23234
Office: 804-275-7865