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Photo by Nicole Johnson

The Gillette Gardens at Meadowbrook Country Club

Meadowbrook Country Club has a stunning and unique asset in our historic Gillette Gardens, situated between the Clubhouse and the 18th Green.  The Gardens are original to the property and were a magnificent setting for the Tudor mansion that became the first Clubhouse.  Peek into the past by looking at the framed photographs of the original Garden that hang in our Gillette Garden Room with approximately the same vantage point from yesteryear.

The highlight of the back garden is the original reflecting pool – a signature component of the designer Charles Gillette (1886–1969), a prominent Landscape Architect well-known for gardens at the Virginia House, The University of Richmond, Agecroft Hall and The Governor’s Mansion in Richmond.

For many years, the Meadowbrook Gillette Gardens were the outstanding feature on state tours during “Garden Week in Virginia” in April.  Guided by a certified restoration plan, the Gardens are now maintained by a charitable organization and the Women’s Club of Meadowbrook.  Horticulture and landscape students and volunteers continue to provide care of the historic plantings.

Weddings are popular in the Gillette Gardens in the spring, summer and fall.  With beautiful shade trees and borders of blooming flowers, the Gardens are an elegant setting for private parties, teas and weddings.  The fountain in the center of the Gardens is a spectacular addition to any outdoor gathering. A paved bluestone terrace adjoins the Gardens and leads directly to the Clubhouse, making this the perfect venue for your event.

As an addition to your event, guided tours of the history of the Gardens are also available through the Garden Foundation and may be booked through the Event Coordinator.

Inside The Meadowbrook ClubhouseWhiteChairWedding2

In addition to the Gillette Garden, the Meadowbrook Clubhouse is the ideal location to host your wedding reception, as well as private dinner parties or corporate functions.  We offer a large ballroom, a boardroom and a multi-purpose room which can be customized to your event.  We offer full service amenities and high quality service that will set the foundation for an incredible event.

 The Gazebos of Meadowbrook

Gazebos or summerhouses – whatever you like to call them – are a staple of gracious Southern charm. Meadowbrook Country Club was fortunate to have 4 on the original property.

OldGazebo1The most famous was referred to as “The Lace House” and stood between the present day tennis courts and practice range.  It was built sometime in the 1800’s and Mrs. Jeffress purchased it for the grand sum of $10 and moved it to Meadowbrook circa 1890.

After the Club burned, in 1969 Mrs. Jeffress again salvaged the summerhouse and it was moved to The Elmira Shelton House, Historic Richmond Foundation Headquarters, then to the Church Hill Garden in honor of Mrs. Jeffress. This summerhouse is now is located at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Lakeside.

OldGazebo2Two cedar-shingled gazebos, or tea houses, as these were designated, were built on the upper terraces at the far end of the sunken gardens, now known as the Gillette Garden.  They were connected by a wisteria-covered arbor with a swimming pool between them.  They fell into disrepair and had to be torn down, but the skeleton foundations can still be seen on either side at the top of the two rear sets of garden stairs.

The fourth gazebo was located to the right of No. 4 green and was originally part of the Argyle property.  As a simple rustic cedar-shingled structure, it was moved and now stands to the right of No. 13 fairway.

In the main foyer hang two original oil paintings of Meadowbrook.  One is the rear view of the Tudor style house and gardens, and the other is one of the two cedar-shingled tea houses.  Both of these were painted in 1977 by Faye Hoover, an artist and former member of Meadowbrook.  The Women’s Club purchased both of these and gifted them to the Club.